Chelsea Melcher



This course gives you clarity, direction, ideas, and emotional support to have a successful career performing, teaching, and being an entrepreneur.

The only online course to give you the complete required skills and insider secrets to give you confidence and clarity as you transition into your dream music career professional career (without feeling overwhelmed, making the wrong investments, or sacrificing your happiness).

A proven formula to perform with confidence, focus, and joy.

This method gives you the tools and techniques to manage stage fright, performance anxiety, and pre-performance nerves once and for all.

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Chelsea Hart-Melcher

My Why

Singing is hard. Performing is harder. When you put yourself out there, you may feel insecure and lack confidence. It can show in your voice and physical symptoms can often make you feel paralyzed.

It breaks my heart to see singers work so hard on their technique and presentation, only to have that fall by the wayside when their anxiety takes hold. I've made it my mission to help my students channel their anxiety to be their superpower so that it no longer disables them, but enables them to perform with focus, joy, and confidence.

Chelsea Hart-Melcher