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Drew has suffered from terrible anxiety for the past 5 years. Performing is one of his favorite things to do, so having anxiety can be more than frustrating to someone who loves to be in front of people. Chelsea’s encouragement and programs to help with performance anxiety have helped Drew to be able to do what he loves! I’m so grateful for her and all the time and dedication she puts into her students to help them be their best.

April R.

Superb school with talented and qualifed instructors. My daughter has taken voice lessons for five years with both Mr. Paul and Miss Chelsea, and while her vocals and performance have improved tremendously, I’m most grateful for the mentorship and values taught. Through the school my daughter had opportunities with Opera Project Columbus, and there are often leadership and intern opportunities as well. Highly recommend!

Bethany A.

Thank you so much for being Syd’s singing teacher. She has really come so far. Every time she sings, it brings tears to my eyes. I think the confidence you instill in your students is an absolute lifelong gift you have given them. To sing from their chest takes some bravery and I think that without you that confidence in singing would not be there. The confidence goes far past just singing and I notice that change in Syd. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better teacher for her to work with. Thank you so much!

Kim C.

It has been such an incredible experience so far. I have grown in so many different aspects from my musical ability to my vocal range to my knowledge of music and all the way to my confidence as a person. It has changed so many aspects of my life. Her knowledge of music was so wide and so great but she also really cared about me as a person and really wanted to see me grow.

Mariah S.

Chelsea has helped me with my anxiety so much when I perform. She starts off by making me ground myself one by one from my toes all the way to my head. Then she asks me what my favorite meditation music is, and we just breathe together. Finally, I run through my song, not with my eyes open but with them closed so I can still focus on grounding myself. I love all her pep talks and how she motivates me to perform. I am so thankful for her and helping me through my anxiety through performing!

Drew R.

A much more substantial voice than one usually hears in this aria. Lovely warmth in the middle. The climaxes are wonderfully secure and exciting to hear. The words come through very vividly, and what is also wonderful is her dramatic involvement, which is total—she lives every line.

Roger Pines (Lyric Opera of Chicago)

“Her move to sympathetic support and sacrifice was handled with grace.”

WFIU Public Radio

“A coolly captivating performance of Andre Previn’s ‘Vocalise’.”

The Columbus Dispatch

“Sings ‘Come scoglio’ with commanding force”

Petsokey News

“Singing better than very well… Girly… Wonderful firebrand Musetta.”

WFIU Public Radio

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If you are invited to work with Chelsea, we will be contacting you. Please allow 7 business days for us to review your materials.

Rates are:

  • $45 for 30-minute lesson
  • $65 for 45-minute lesson
  • $85 for 60-minute lesson